Australia Business Marketing Database Directory

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FILETYPE: CSV (Separated 8 CSV State files)
TOTAL RECORDS: 1.67+ Million

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This business database of Australia contains 1,670,000+ records (listings) of businesses located all over the Australian Continent in .CSV format categorized by state names.


Below is a data representation of the Australian Business Marketing Database to give you a clearer overview of what you are purchasing.

20 Million Records USA Database

FILETYPE: CSV (Separated 8 CSV State files)
TOTAL RECORDS: 1.6 Million
FILE DETAIL: Australia Business Database Directory Email Lists


State Name Business Records Email Lists FAX Numbers Phone Numbers
Australia Capital Territory 26332 5388 8567 26328
New South Wales 555429 86062 164876 555405
Northern Territory 15574 3467 6272 15574
Queensland 329193 59573 96313 329177
South Australia 127217 21697 44205 127213
Tasmania 41589 7685 13449 41589
Victoria 414913 66134 122084 414896
Western Australia 162233 32384 56471 162229

Grand Totals

1672487 282397 512244 1672418


This database is to market your products and services directly to your target audience in Australia with the Australian Business Database from Database Giants.

For your product / service to be marketed effectively, Database Giants provides you the most up-to-date database of Australian Companies. You are free to use this information to target your audience throughout all the suburbs within Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania and market your products, goods or services to them.

Get your brand out there! The information provided in our database marketing lists is perfect for mass marketing your brand name. Being in depth, comprehensive and easy on the pocket, a business list from Database Giants is the easiest way to find potential customers and prospects in a local business community.

With Lists of the Australian Region, you can rocket your profits in the shortest possible time!

Possibly one of the best marketing lists within the Australian subcontinent, the Australian Business Database can be implemented seamlessly in the shortest possible time, because it comes in the easy to use .CSV file format. You have contact details of virtually EVERY BUSINESS operating within the Australian Region. This database covers suburbs, small towns and big cities.

For your convenience, all our databases are cross-verified with relevant White Pages, Yellow Pages and local data. You can full rely on Database Giants to make your marketing endeavours more successful and most importantly; Relevant.