At Database Giants, we offer our data in a variety of formats to cater to your specific needs. Each format allows you to easily integrate the data into your software or systems. Whether you require compatibility with a particular database management system or prefer a standard spreadsheet format, we have you covered.

Here are the available sample data formats for your convenience:

  1. .CSV: Comma-separated values (CSV) is the default format we use, as it is widely supported and versatile. Most customers prefer this format, and it allows for seamless data import and analysis.
  2. .SQL: If you prefer working with SQL databases, we also provide sample data in SQL format. This format allows you to directly import the data into your SQL database management system, enabling quick and efficient data integration.
  3. .DBF: The .DBF format is commonly used in database applications, such as dBase and FoxPro. If your software or system requires this format, you can easily download our sample data in .DBF format.
  4. .XLS: For users who prefer Microsoft Excel or similar spreadsheet software, we offer data in .XLS format. This allows you to conveniently import the data into your spreadsheets for further analysis or manipulation.
  5. .TXT: In addition to the above formats, we may also provide data in plain text (.TXT) format. This format is suitable for various applications and can be easily processed by different software.

Please note that the provided sample data is for testing and checking compatibility and will not contain unusable data.

NOTE: If you require purchased data in a different format that not listed here or need assistance in converting data within these formats, please contact us. The service may chargeable.