Business-to-Business (B2B) Sales Leads Lists

As the name suggests, B2B is business-to-business transactions . It is one of the most common types of electronic commerce. In Business-to-Business we find that the selling party usually offers its services in one of three ways:

Single sale to companies . It is about offering products or services exclusively to other companies. This may be due to the nature of the product, such as industrial products, or due to sales quantities, such as wholesale. These sales processes are adapted to the needs of the client, such as payment methods and terms.

Indistinct sale to company and client . This type of transaction occurs mostly among small businesses. They do not differentiate in products, prices or conditions regardless of whether companies or end customers buy.

Differentiated sales between companies and customers . The businesses that offer their products to both companies and individuals sometimes have differentiated stores for each target. Thus, in the business area they usually show products without VAT, offer larger quantities of product and even discounts in relation to the quantities purchased. An example is found in phone stores, where the products, offers and prices are different for individuals and for companies.