We are a B2B / B2C Sales Leads Generation and Email List Brokerage Company that acquires and sells Business, Consumer, and Residential Leads from various sources in the form of databases and lists. These lists are then sold to businesses like yours to bring you closer to your prospects and grow your businesses further. We have them all, whether it be Direct Marketing Databases, Telemarketing Data or Email Marketing Lists. We also welcome you using our services to generate new and buy fresh leads.

We believe that gathering accurate and fresh marketing sales leads is some of the critical factors that help your business move forward and grow exponentially. The newer, the better, and that’s where a data brokerage Company like ourselves steps in and assists you in building your business.

We have recently introduced Specialty Databases and Interest-based databases that are highly targeted in content and regularly updated.

A few examples of what we provide as highlighted below:

video gamers databases
Android IOS Users Database and Email List
Cryptocurrency User Databases Investor
Job Seekers Database
Nutrition Diet Fitness Health Users Enthusiasts Database
Real Estate Agents Home Owners Databases and Email Lists
Car Owners Database India 7 Lakh
lead generation services company

Almost all of our databases contain vital information such as Company Names, Owner Names (COO, CEO, CFO, and other such designations.), Complete Mailing Addresses, County / Suburb / Town / City Names, State / County / Province names, SIC Codes, SIC Descriptions, Business Categories, Email addresses, Telephone numbers, Fax numbers, Website URLs, and various other such particulars. 


We usually sell data in .CSV format for everybody’s convenience, and we assist with links and resources to access, filter, and modify such data. Our databases are sometimes formatted in more formats such as MDB, SQL, DBF, XLS, and TXT. Occasionally, we also provide data in other forms, such as JSON and BSON, and we request you check the product page descriptions for more details.


Why waste your time with businesses listed twice or non-existent companies? We at databasegiants.com weed out the duplicates from our lists so that you get more time with what matters, and in turn, profits soar for you!

How can you convert prospects to new customers when you mail them at the wrong address?

While no list of businesses or consumers will ever be 100% accurate, we try to offer the highest deliverability rate by constantly cleaning and updating our data. This constant practice helps you save time and money by getting the right message to the correct name and address the very first time around and every time around.

Contact the right decision-maker with the right leads.

Almost all of our sales leads databases to contain a person’s actual contact name. Having a name to address while calling on someone helps personalize your greeting to the most significant extent and even lets you speak with decision-makers, thereby getting your product or service sold even quicker.

With our lists, you have absolute confidence that you’re buying good leads from a lead broker like us and calling the correct contact by showing professionalism.

No limit on the use of leads. No subscription fees or export limits ever!

While we are astonished at some of the prices our competitors charge for their data, and sometimes even monthly fees for something you should be able to access 24×7, we, at Database Giants, have a policy where you pay once and get access to everything. No limits. Watch your sales and return on investment grow!

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