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This database contains 133,000+ Wholesale Suppliers / Wholesaler records (listings) of businesses located all over the Canada in .CSV format categorized by province names.

Canada Wholesaler Database includes: Major Category Description, SIC Code Descriptions, SIC Code, Sic Category Description, Company Name, Address, City, Province, Zip Code, Contact Name, Gender, Title, Number of Employees, Estimated Revenue, Phone Number, Fax Number, Website URL, Email Address

Below is a data representation of the Wholesale Supplier Database to give you a clearer overview of what you are purchasing.

Type of Market Number of Records
Wholesale Trade – Durable Goods 90638
Automobiles and other motor vehicles 600
Brick, stone, and related material 3358
Coal and other minerals and ores 32
Commercial equipment, nec 1894
Computers, peripherals, and software 634
Construction and mining machinery 3140
Construction materials, nec 1732
Durable goods, nec 8199
Electrical apparatus and equipment 9421
Electrical appliances, television and radio 691
Electronic parts and equipment, nec 3023
Farm and garden machinery 3151
Furniture 2058
Hardware 2415
Home furnishings 1916
Industrial machinery and equipment 8689
Industrial supplies 5260
Jewelry and precious stones 1184
Lumber, plywood, and millwork 2534
Medical and hospital equipment 2552
Metals service centers and offices 2144
Motor vehicle parts, used 1816
Motor vehicle supplies and new parts 3275
Office equipment 3795
Ophthalmic goods 322
Photographic equipment and supplies 710
Plumbing and hydronic heating supplies 1707
Professional equipment, nec 828
Refrigeration equipment and supplies 1030
Roofing, siding, and insulation 188
Scrap and waste materials 3131
Service establishment equipment 4372
Sporting and recreation goods 1730
Tires and tubes 383
Toys and hobby goods and supplies 765
Transportation equipment and supplies 711
Warm air heating and air conditioning 1248
Wholesale Trade – Nondurable Goods 42544
Beer and ale 13
Books, periodicals, and newspapers 384
Chemicals and allied products, nec 2347
Confectionery 234
Dairy products, except dried or canned 153
Drugs, proprietaries, and sundries 1440
Farm supplies 3318
Farm-product raw materials, nec 100
Fish and seafood 1107
Flowers and florists supplies 964
Footwear 359
Fresh fruits and vegetables 1659
Grain and field beans 560
Groceries and related products, nec 2960
Groceries, general line 4765
Industrial and personal service paper 1107
Livestock 564
Meats and meat products 2396
Men’s and boy’s clothing 3382
Nondurable goods, nec 5812
Packaged frozen goods 159
Paints, varnishes, and supplies 396
Petroleum bulk stations and terminals 769
Petroleum product wholesalers, except bulk station 2648
Piece goods and notions 1352
Plastics materials and basic shapes 281
Poultry and poultry products 360
Printing and writing paper 400
Stationery and office supplies 1349
Tobacco and tobacco products 129
Wine and distilled beverages 110
Women’s and children’s clothing 967
Grand Total 133182

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